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AirAsia is known worldwide because it offers everyone the best airline experience for a more affordable price. It is also considered to be as one of the top travel airline innovations across Asia. low-cost trips will surely be enjoyed in the Philippines as well as to some of the best holiday tourist destinations in Asia like Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur.

Through their website, you can now book your flights and even get an exclusive promo on your favorite destination or hotel abroad. Most of the local routes from Manila and Clark such as the beautiful tourist spots in Boracay, Tagbilaran in Bohol, Cebu and Davao, can also experience in Air Asia with much cheaper plane tickets. Don’t forget to check their site at AirAsia Philippines, if you are booking a plane ticket to get more updates on the new AirAsia voucher codes and other offers.

Your dream travel destination is now made possible with just a simple click in front of your computer, as plane travel makes the world become even smaller. Lowering plane charges and higher competition results in low-cost flights and increase affordability for everyone to enjoy. By introducing no amenity flights, the contribution of inexpensive carriers makes a new way for us to travel. In fact, AirAsia is considered as one of the best-known carriers to initiate this inexpensive flight in the whole region. Air Asia started from a single airplane powered by Expedia Philippines AirAsiaGo, but now has been traveling to more than 100 places across the globe and recognized as the world’s finest cheap carrier.

The most common inquiries from people are that – is PH reliable? Certainly, it is and it is best if you try it. By the accessibility of their online flight booking website, it is very convenient for travelers manage their own time, effort and money instead of setting up an appointment to travel agencies. promo code & discounts

What is

If you want to know the answer, we’ll give you further detail where ticket flight is one the bigger expenditures when you want to spend for a holiday trip. For an instance, you find a way to lessen the expenses for your ticket, you would likely enjoy your holidays and save more money and that’s where comes to support you in getting a more affordable ticket. provides assistance for you to accomplish that. Basically, we find any promos and offers through online that are accessible in AirAsia that you can get to lessen the charges for your AirAsia hotels and flights.

These promos with AirAsia discount codes that we gather will be kept within the webshop so you can use them as a reference. The offers would vary in different ways it’s either you can get a free upgrade to the next accessible class or it could be bonuses such as a free in-flight meal or better baggage allowance. AirAsia Promo codes and AirAsia voucher codes allow you to get discounts to certain travel destinations like it could be 10% off 20% off on all flights.

Once you have completed all your booking activities and you’re prepared to buy your low-cost plane ticket online, just visit and search for an AirAsia voucher code that you would likely want to use. Check out the field provided and enter the voucher code and you can now use your discounts for your my fare. Make sure to check our site every now and then to get the latest updates on any of promos and AirAsia voucher code that you can use for your travel. You can also check your inbox when you subscribe to our newsletter, you will be provided all the best codes and AirAsia promos that we have. Simply by just checking our newsletter or browsing through our website regularly, you can save more time and get all the AirAsia promo code that you want to use.

Popular destinations

Once you go to booking online, you will certainly get the opportunity in knowing how and where you would likely to travel. If you want to go on a domestic flight for a vacation within the country or trip on an AirAsia X plane, book your flight any day and get tickets that are absolutely right for your own budget. With AirAsia online booking, it is very efficient to know when your flight schedule will be and how much time you can save before going to the airport.

AirAsia’s Big Loyalty Programme is offering assistance to a regular traveler where they can get bonuses with AirAsia Philippines or consuming products and services of the airline’s associates. You can use the points and exchange it for free AirAsia flights to a particular designations, hotel rooms and can be used for other special promos.

Download the AirAsia app for the best and easiest travel booking experience wherever you go. It is available for both iOS and Android users, now you can definitely use the app to help you prepare and plan your vacation.

AirAsia Shopping Guide

Through the years, AirAsia has been helping thousands of Filipinos to get the best value on their flights by being true to their motto that says “now everyone can fly”.

The whole company was bought for a price of fewer than 1 USD (about 25 Philippine pesos) when it started way back in 2001. One might get puzzled on how one can purchase an airline with 2 airplanes for only 25 pesos, this all because the company owed over $11 million (USD) in which gave the new owners huge responsibilities ahead of them however it didn’t stop them in making AirAsia the biggest low-cost airline.

Adhering to their plan on providing cheaper tickets and no fuss travels they immediately propelled new routes with new airplanes (Airbus) and presently have more than 100 planes in operation throughout these years in turning the airline around.

How to redeem AirAsia voucher code

Redeeming is easy. When you visit the AirAsia site and immediately spotted a promo, just click the green button and you will be routed to a new promo page and that’s where you can start your booking transaction and enjoy your discounts.