Use this promo code at checkout to get P50 off your first Grab ride! Click to save!

Yay! Save on your first ride with Grab with this promo code. Enter the code in the dedicated field. This offer is valid for new users only.

Use this promo code at checkout to get P50 off your first Grab ride! Click to save!

Yay! Save on your first ride with Grab with this promo code. Enter the code in the dedicated field. This offer is valid for new users only.

Grab Phillipines Voucher Codes & Discounts

If you happen to live in Metro Manila, most certainly traffic is one of the biggest problems you’ve ever encountered; perhaps it has been part of your daily living. Hassle no more because Grab Philippines or also known as MyTeksi Philippines brings the best aid to help you in your travel routines. Introducing one of the leading transportation platforms around Southeast Asia which aims to provide assistance for all commuters that is accessible through their smartphone. Simply done by just a few clicks and swipes, you can now have your own private car waiting at your doorway and ready to take you anywhere you want to go.

Just download the Grab app available on Google Play or App Store on your mobile phone. After the installation, complete the given information and you’re all set!

Grab Philippines has different kinds of vehicles for economical option and choice of transportation. See all the available offers below:

  1. GrabTaxi: Reserve a trip within your area for affordable and premium cabs.
  2. GrabCar: Travel within the luxury of having a private car and with a guaranteed fixed price. Pick out among a regular GrabCar (sedan) and Grabcar+ (premium vehicles).
  3. GrabHitch: Enjoy riding on a carpool with people going in the same destination and pay cheaper charges.
  4. GrabExpress: Need help to deliver your packages and documents? Try the Gab Express Lite, for more convenient and affordable delivery service from door to door.
  5. GrabBike: Applicable especially on traffic jams and pay at a fixed price.

Grab is great a way to make transportation convenient, economical and most importantly, safe for both commuters and drivers, serving 30 cities throughout Southeast Asia like Malaysia, Singapore, and Vietnam.

Service and features

Traveling in the Philippines is now even more efficient because of Grab’s navigation that is modernized and user-friendly. These are some of the great features that are well-designed within the mobile app:

With Grab Philippines, you can transact your payment without any unnecessary delay or additional hidden charges. Riders are also allowed to use credit and debit cards upon their payment transactions.

For further security, Grab PH allows the commuters to see the information of the driver including their contact details.

Don’t you ever feel uneasy for keeping you wait and wonder when or where your travel takes you? Don’t ya’ worry, Grab’s Driver Tracking feature will show you the location and estimated time interval upon your arrival.

You can also save and store your favorite places so you don’t have to type everything when you wanted a reservation for a ride.

Tell your family and friends to know where you’re going by sharing them your travel details so they can track you and let them feel that you’re safe.

Let Grab know about your experience by leaving rate and review comments.

Fares and rates

Before you start to book a ride, you will see the required fares and standard rates of GrabCar. Simply fill in your pick-up and drop-off destination so you can check the total travel cost.

On the other hand, GrabTaxi fares differ on distance and time travel since it has to be tracked by meters and riders pay a booking fee.

Grab promo code and rewards

Grab website offers lots of promos and bonuses to help you save more money. Check Grab Philippines on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to get further information about the promo codes, voucher codes and special rewards. Moreover, the website is always updated with the newest deals and Grab promo code Philippines so you can always be informed on any of these amazing offers. Get the latest Grab Philippines promo code 2018 to your inbox right away by subscribing to the newsletter.

As for riders, they can always check Grab Philippines on their social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to inform the customers about the Grab Manila promo code, offers, deals and other perks. They can also use the Grab’s referral program for them to check the total discounts that you obtain. Whenever there’s a new rider who wants to become a member and book a ride with the use of rider’s referral code, both of them will receive a discount.

Stay tuned on the website for more of the hottest Grab Philippines promo code!

Customer Service

Drop any questions to the customer service and support team’s contact info at +63 02 8837100 or send your email at [email protected] You can also go to the company’s main website and get to know the FAQ section.

Drive with Grab

Do you want to work as Grab driver and make additional income? Grab allows the drivers to freely decide to take travel on the roads every time they want. Whenever you feel to drive over lesser traffic and get the chance to build more contacts or drive during peak hours to make more income, the choice is always yours.

About Grab Philippines – Move around with Ease

With its very user-friendly app, Grab has been helping to modernize the transportation here in the Philippines. The app objective is in 3 stages:  The first stage is mainly to report issues – to help the fleet operators to proficiently manage their allocations. Secondly, the next stage is to keep the safety of the commuters and help them with their booking problems. The last stage objective is to let the commuters choose to book the right taxi within their area. Grab maintains to unify fleets into a team of committed and keen individuals to give good and quality services to all customers. That’s what Grab is aiming for, a better improvement of services in the means transportation.

Grab transpire as one of Southeast Asia’s top ride-hailing platform and currently the most popular and applicable in terms of traveling. Therefore, Grab is constantly serving for a great solution to all travelers and continually expanding over six countries around the region.

Eliminate any form of inefficiencies in the transport industry

If anyone of you has a bad experience of using public transportation like taxi here in the Philippines, it can be frustrating. Perhaps, a lot of commuters easily get dismayed for it’s hard to find and get in a taxi these days. From trying to attract a taxi and to some point when you have to deal with a driver just to get the right fare is always been stressful. There are also disreputable taxi services that are recognized to be impolite, late, unsafe and unsanitary. But now, these types of inefficiencies can be eliminated and avoided with the help of Grab. You can have the assurance to get the precise, economical and trustworthy service, for Grab always makes sure to give you a less-troubled travel experience.

Ensuring the Safety of Passengers

Grab activates the GPS which enables to track down the vehicles for the safety of the passengers. Aside from that, all Grab drivers and their vehicles are well-evaluated to make sure they’ll provide an excellent service and experience. Everyone can have a joy and secure whenever they use Grab to take you anywhere you want.

Grab Your Grab Philippines Coupons

Use Grab Philippines coupons to enjoy a more satisfying ride experience. Just check out the best offers and promos at their website and choose whatever works for you. For further details, here are some of the descriptions for you to find out how to get the coupons.

  • Select and click on a certain Grab Philippines coupon that you think you’re going to use.
  • After that, the coupon code will appear.
  • Copy the coupon code and open the given link below so you can go back at the Grab Philippines home page.

How to Enjoy Grab Voucher & Promo Codes

  • Download and install the Grab Philippines app in any of your smartphones or tablets.
  • Get on your app and see if there are any available drivers nearby to your place.
  • Put your name and other information like your current location and desired destination.
  • Your payment can be processed through the app with the use of a credit card or debit card.
  • Fill in the given further details like extra luggage or return trip options.
  • Use the coupon code by entering in the appropriate subsection to get the promo.
  • You’ll get notified once the Grab driver accepts your reservation.
  • One of any available taxi will appear and go to your place.
  • To check the details about the driver, look for it on your app and you’ll see his/her name, taxi number, estimated time of arrival and contact details.
  • The driver will ask for your name to confirm the booking when he arrives.
  • Once you get to your destination, you can now close the app and leave your feedback to your driver.