KKDAY Phillipines

One of the most known websites that offer excellent travel deals and tourist destinations is KKday. It started in the year 2014 and is currently providing a full experience of your dream getaway. Nothing can beat the excitement of traveling to distant places, witnessing one of a kind views and experiencing a different culture. KKday website will help you book your dream destination and you can only be sure that you got a reliable tour operator that will get you to experience the best places around the world. KKDay is not your ordinary tour operator, you’ll truly get the excitement of finding fantastic and exceptional tours on their site because it is established by people that have a strong passion for the industry of traveling. Presently, it has over 6,000 tours available on site, with that you can only be sure that you will find the perfect package tour for you.

KKday discount code and promotion

Getting the full experience of your dream vacation getaway requires you to have a loose budget and will often get you go an extra mile with your finances just to afford the costs for travel and accommodation. Luckily, KKday PH website is here to help you achieve your dream vacation getaway through the different deals and discounts they offer online. Always be on the lookout for the daily KKday promo codes, discount codes, vouchers and deals that will surely suit your planned vacation tour. Additionally, always be updated on the latest KKday discount codes by signing up for the newsletter.

Unique travel experience with KKDay

The first thing that you have to do when you visit the website is to click the button on the picture slider that asks you where you want to go. It will then give you a dropdown list for you to choose the specific continent and country of your destination. Once you finish selecting your destination you will get into the page that provides you the lists of available tours on that specific country. The review and filter features on the website will help you more on choosing and deciding between different tours. Other available options that you can see on the website are Art & Culture and Food & Shopping, other alternatives unique to some countries include Spas, Lessons and an option called Wifi & Sim Card.

Why travel with KKday?

A lot of Filipinos are choosing KKday because it provides simple travel solutions and fabulous value to your destination especially if you can’t decide which medium for travel to use.

Selection of travel destinations

With KKday you won’t get to worry about the different places it can offer because you can select in more than 170 cities across 53 different countries. Amongst those countries are Australia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, South Korea, USA, Japan, and Thailand. Also, for a more awesome experience, you will surely enjoy big cities such as Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Bangkok, and Paris.

Unequaled safety

When traveling to third-world countries and may experience difficulties with accommodations and bookings, worry no more because KKday will keep you on track and secure your travel. Your personal information will be kept private and secure using SSL technology. KKday also keeps track of your online payment safely and uses PayPal as its major payment option.

Travelling convenience

KKday makes it easier for you to book your travel destination. People from different language backgrounds can still avail of the deals and coupons offered on the website because KKday caters multiple languages. With KKday Contact function you can still keep in touch with your local provider and will have the information that you need in a snap. Customizing your planned travel has been made possible in KKday too, just put in the necessary details in the search box and get excellent deals within the set time period.

KKday Coupon varieties

You may ask this question –  What are the different kinds of KKday coupons? The answer depends on the specific period of time because the Philippines has a lot of festive seasons and holidays. Mostly, rather than getting deals on the peak periods instead, you will get the deals before peak periods. Here are some of the deals that you can avail on the site:

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Save 10% off on Universal Studios Philippines Ticket

Pre-order tickets for Kyoto Sagana Torokko scenic railway Get Taipei 101 Observatory Ticket from RM74 without needing discount code.

  • 1-Day Mantanani Island Snorkelling Tour
  • Grab Shoryudo Highway bus pass
  • Get Tokyo Disneyland pass
  • Fly to Korea & cruise through Hangang river

How to use KKday coupons

It is important to know how to properly use your KKday coupon to get the most from your online booking experience. Simply follow the steps below:

Look for your favorite KKday coupons on their website.

There are some KKday coupons that need a coupon code. Just copy (Ctrl + V) the code and paste (Ctrl + V) at the coupon code/promo code part of the opened link and proceed to step 3.

Look for the exact hotel and travel arrangement. Remember, if the price of the deal contains travel and accommodation. Also take note of the added facilities and other information like transport to and from the hotel, Wi-Fi services and pool and gym.

Take time to read the fine-print and few details before deciding to purchase. Write down the dates of redemption for the travel and hotel stay.

Proceed to payment. Double check the price of the product or service that you will avail.

Payment can be done via PayPal or Credit Card. Visa and MasterCard are often used for most travel and hotel retailers. Provide your payment details, make sure you’ve filled in the correct details and proceed to purchase.