Pizza Hut Phillipines

How it gets started

During 1958, Dan and Frank Carney began to establish Pizza Hut, an American restaurant cuisine in Wichita, Kansas. They used only the freshest meat and vegetables for each baked pizza toppings, which brought them to success. Later then, they opened their second franchise restaurant in December. 10 years later in 1968, around 300 franchise restaurants had finally established.  Until now, Pizza Hut operates with more than 15, 600 stores and delivers over a million pizzas per day in 90 countries making them still the leading pizza brand across the world. As a subordinate of Yum! Brands, Inc. (NYSE: YUM), Pizza Hut mostly serves pizza, pasta and chicken wings compared to any other restaurant around the world. They offer modern pizzas, customary delightful pizzas and many more.

Pizza Hut had established their first restaurant in the Philippines during 1984. Today, it has become the most well-known pizza restaurant in the country around the Metro Manila and its nearby provinces, as well as in Visayas and Mindanao serving on its Dine-In Restaurants, Delivery Units, and Express Counters.

Pizza hut the Philippines only offers delightful newly prepared and well-heat baked pizzas made with the finest ingredients which served freshly right in front of your doorstep in just an hour. If you are craving for more delicious pizza and pasta, just look for these great special promos and enjoy one of the Pizza Hut Coupon codes, deals or offers and more available on our website exclusively from Pizza Hut. You can get your orders via online and select from their special toppings like Meat Lovers, Italian Delight, Supreme and many more. All you have to do is to choose whether you’ll want a family 12-inch or superfamily 14-inch feasible size of pizza good for 6 people. By using these promo codes it’s very convenient for you to order pizza whenever you want.

Pizza Hut’s Secret of Success

Due to unwavering certainty and very firm sense of duty in giving customers the finest quality of product, service, cleanliness, and importance, the Pizza Hut became successful internationally.

The ingredients from Pizza Hut pizzas comes from fresh dough baked daily and topped with their very own special tomato sauce, tender meat, crispy vegetables and a 100% pure imported Mozzarella cheese coat in a two layer.

All staffs in Pizza Hut are educated to facilitate the customers well, for it is the main goal of the company. They give value to their customers with politeness, kindness, respect, and passion. Also, one of the most important ethics of Pizza Hut is cleanliness in exchange for their customer’s worth of money.

Pizza Hut Delivery: The country’s pioneer and leader

The center of Pizza Hut’s undeniably success is based on how much fulfillment they give in serving their customers. Way back in 1989, Pizza Hut began to open their delivery service through its Restaurant Based Delivery (RBD) units in Quad Parksquare, Greenbelt (Makati City) and Delta, Quezon Ave. cor. West Ave. (Quezon City). In 1990, the emergent demand for delivery impelled them to open their first Delivery and Carryout (DELCO) unit in Greenhills, San Juan. As of now, Pizza Hut operates more than 60 DELCO units, 110 Restaurants, and 3 newly modernized Express Slice Counters.

Pizza Hut makes the experience even better

Serving millions of customers with pizza, no wonder why it’s popular in the country. Here are some of the amazing offers for you to enjoy your most-favorite pizza brand:

  • Every now and then, Pizza Hut gives you discount coupons or added value coupons that you can avail at You can get coupons from any other forms such as a printed Pizza Hut coupon, gift coupon, emails and website offers.
  • Coupons may vary by region and usually available for exclusive time offers.
  • You must give the coupon whether the order is for pick-up or delivery to get a discount or added value advertised in a coupon.
  • You can always add extra toppings maximum up to 7-10 to your pizza, depending on the item.
  • You are allowed to choose what kind of dough you desired – whether you select from Pan, Classic or Thin’n Crispy at no additional charges. Extra charges apply only when you choose for Stuffed Crust, Gluten Free, and XL dough options.
  • If you want to remove anything toppings you don’t want, you can request for it.

The Pizza Hut Philippines stands for offering the best quality of pizza for the Filipino people. They always look for the freshest products or ingredients that make the pizzas served as best:

  • The Pizza Hut dough is newly baked every day.
  • The ingredients they used came from finest suppliers that meet their standards of excellence.
  • All their pizzas and other side dishes follow strict standards and procedure.

Get the freshest and tastiest Pizza Hut pizzas

It is more convenient and fast to order Pizza Hut through their website at using any such devices like smartphone, laptop, and tablet. You can check out the Pizza Hut app available on App Store or Google Play Store so you can order your favorite pizza anytime, anywhere with just a few taps. You can also sign-up for their newsletter to get the current and enjoy exclusive offers or get in touch with their social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Pizza Hut Delivery and Changes to your Order

Pizza Hut always makes sure to deliver your order as possible to your requested and preferred delivery time. However, if you request to cancel, change or you have any complaint about your order, you may contact their number at 911-1111 or 913-111 or send your email at [email protected], information of which will be included upon placing your order. If you wish to replace your order, the same price will be charged for the replaced order. Remember that the offers and deals are only available for a certain time period, if any replacement upon your order may occur, possibly means the offers are not applicable.